The PHOENIX LAUNDRY SYSTEMS was born in 2018 as a brand of DUETTOS, a Brazilian company with more than 12 years in the market. Result of more than 25 years of experience of its founder in the Professional Laundry segment and its creation was based on the idea of ​​bringing innovation to the Brazilian equipment market and offering products with the same quality found in international brands and at the same time offering a brand to the world market, to show that here in Brazil we can also produce world-class equipments.


Operating in the most diverse segments, whether commercial, industrial, hotel, hospital or textile processing, the brand has presented its clients with a range of innovations that have made it grow rapidly year after year.


Since its inception, PHOENIX LAUNDRY SYSTEMS has been dedicated to differentiating itself technologically, ecologically and economically. Using the latest technologies and production techniques, we develop our products from the beginning of the project, with the subsequent research and development and finally production.


All this work and innovation aims to offer our customers the best, always guided by quality, economy, performance, low consumption of supplies and a low maintenance rate. All this combined to also protect the environment, so that we can leave a cleaner world for future generations.





Supply machines and equipment for professional laundries at a national and global level, with sustainability and operational excellence.





To be a national and world reference in the supply of machines and equipment for Professional Laundries.





At PHOENIX LAUNDRY SYSTEMS our corporate values ​​are our guides. They are in the pulse of our actions and from them come the guidelines for making any decision. Our employees seek to reflect these values ​​and recognize the importance of each of them in their day-to-day actions.


- Life first: Security in all our actions to preserve what really matters;

- Sustainability: Actions committed to the preservation of the environment and society;

- Valuing people: Enthusiasm and simplicity in what we do. Respect for differences and commitment to the training and recognition of people;

- Integrity and Transparency: Ethics in internal and external relations, broad and effective communication;

- Commitment to the result: We assume responsibilities and deliver what was promised;

- Innovation: Our permanent source of competitiveness.